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MEDIA KIT – Updated April 2015


Founded as a weekly publication in September 2005 and now strictly online, West Orlando News is a local news outlet chronicling the daily experiences of multicultural living in Orlando and its surrounding communities. Imagine a daily community newspaper, bulletin board, arts and commentary magazine all rolled up into one – West Orlando News brings breaking news, politics local schools, events, business, crime, and basically everything else that local corporate media could care less about. We report on your neighborhood and the neighborhoods around you. We tell you about transportation and development issues, as well as the best restaurants to visit, unique stores and upcoming events.

In short, we are hyperlocal Orlando:

– Covering Orlando Online Since 2009

– 1.2 million visitors in 2013

– 17 million page views in 2013

Please contact us to discuss how adding West Orlando News to your digital media buy will boost your ROI: or 407.809.5288

What people say about us:

“Bold and independent”, “Tells it like it”, “Orlando’s only progressive voice”, “West Orlando News is local first”, “Fearless”, “They’re locally owned”, “Blacks, whites & Latino’s come together on WONO”

How we can help you:

We specialize in local Orlando. We bring local audiences to local businesses, and keep money in the community. Because a healthy community is founded on its small businesses.

Our Audience Is Growing:

Since our launch in 2009, we’ve Grown our readership to more than 150,000 visits a month – and trends show that’s not slowing down soon. All of our regular readers care about their local community, businesses and institutions.



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For advertising and marketing inquiries, please contact us at or call 407.809.5288.

We promptly respond to all requests.


1 – Targeted – We report on multicultural Orlando. Our independence and 1.4 million monthly pageviews come from people in the community who have an engaged interest the local area and its economy. Whether its local politics, schools or business, readers know we’re targeting them and their community.

2 – Relevant – Our readership numbers aren’t guess-timations based on how many trees we’ve killed, or how many living rooms we may reach. We’re not a soggy coupon paper at your front door. We’re online only, and every stat represents a real reader that actively seeks us out. And a news site’s users access the internet almost twice as much as the general user. That’s because online news is more personal and more relevant – and there’s no better marketing approach than that.

3 – Trusted – Your business is important to you, right? You care about the brand you’re building, and so do we. Since our founding, we’ve focused on fairness, transparency and community service. We partner with businesses that care about these virtues, too. Fifty-nine percent of web users say online advertising is more believable from a trusted website, so an ad with us is a statement to potential customers that your brand works for the community.

4 – Interactive – Let’s face it: print advertising worked when there were no other options. With online advertising you get better results, because learning more about your business is just one click away. Potential customers take immediate action; readers can be exploring your brand in moments.

5 – A Better Mix – Already advertise in print? Good. Because recent studies demonstrated that mixing online advertising with traditional media is the most powerful way to spread your brand’s message. And guess what? Newspapers and news websites combined have the highest penetration and most desirable audience of any other local medium.


Banner Ads

Banner ads provides the opportunity to market your service business, restaurant, product, promotion, sale or event as well as encourage our readers to visit your website or Social media page. All banner ads are run of site—ensuring that your ad is visible to all of our visitors. Run of site ads provide increased exposure and improved visitor engagement. offers site-wide banner advertising in four industry-standard banner sizes. Banners may either be static JPEG/GIF files or animated GIFs. To learn more about West Orlando News Banner Ad Sizes, click here: AD SIZES

For advertising and marketing inquiries, please contact us or call 407.809.5288.

We promptly respond to all requests.

Other Services

Social Media
Leverage our active and engaged social media groups to extend the reach of your advertising. Our current network of 10,000+ Facebook fans and Twitter followers are a great venue for your time-sensitive company messaging.

eNewsletter (Coming Soon)
Our monthly newsletter, reaches thousands of local readers. Sponsor the e-newsletter with a 468 x 60 pixel banner advertisement, or let us include a 192 pixel wide announcement banner. Click to view a sample of Catch Up with Around Main Line in a new tab.

Featured Editorial
Featured articles offer businesses an opportunity to present their company online. Featured articles appear prominently in search engines, such as Google, when local consumers seeking related information. Additionally, all articles are highlighted in our monthly e-newsletter and introduced to our social media audiences to maximize our clients’ reach.

Additional Services
Having trouble meeting your marketing goals? Allow to support your business with our sister company, Opus Local Social Mobile:
Online Marketing Consulting
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Digital Promotions

Political Ads

All political advertising must be paid in advance.

All ads must list who is paying for the advertisement in a minimum 10 point type at the bottom of the ad. If the ad is not paid for by one specific individual, then the ad must list the group/committee paying for the ad.

All ads must only state the facts and/or opinions of those paying for the ad. No ad can make reference to other individuals or groups of individuals.

For all ads soliciting political donations for a particular candidate which link to an external site, the landing page must clearly state that the donations are non-tax deductible.

Please note that West Orlando News will automatically include the words “Paid Political Advertisement” above all political candidate ads.

For advertising and marketing inquiries, please contact us at or call 407.809.5288.

We promptly respond to all requests.

Our Advertising Policy

Currently, West Orlando News accepts ads for businesses and political candidates.

Advertisements that appear on West Orlando News and any other WONO Group Media sites are paid advertisements. The businesses or candidates being advertised come with no endorsement from West Orlando News, implied or otherwise.

While we reserve the right to reject ads on the basis of taste and appropriateness, we neither accept nor reject ads on the basis of political content.

We think this policy is important in helping to preserve the editorial integrity of the news and information we present here on the West Orlando News. Because we’re in the news and opinion business, ads tied to businesses or candidates can be challenging. If we reject an ad that we disagree with, every ad we accept could be seen as an endorsement.

Additional Guidelines:

– West Orlando News does not allow advertising for adult content, dating sites, tobacco products, or gambling

– Ads may not contain adware/spyware, active X, entrance or exit pops, or viruses

– Ads may not include vulgarity, hate dismemberment, sexually explicit content, or illegal behaviors and activities

– Ads may not have messaging that is designed to mislead users into going to a site that is unrelated to the content of the ad

– Ads may not resemble system dialogue boxes or error messages

– Ads may not have strobing animation

– All ads must be set to open in a new browser window

– West Orlando News reserves the right to reject or discontinue advertising for a product or service, for any reason

– West Orlando News reserves the right to make changes or exceptions to the guidelines at any time

– West Orlando News adheres to IAB standards and guidelines

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