Why Europe Is Freaking Out About Africa

While the West is pointing at Russia as a source of imagined menace to its security, unimagined menaces endanger the Old Continent. Reality makes Europeans take urgent steps to meet security challenges.

Europe wants a fresh start with Africa – a “security belt” given its growing relevance to European interests. “Before it’s too late, we need a radical change that puts the African continent on top of the EU’s political agenda,” European Parliament President Antonio Tajani said before the 5th African Union-EU two-day summit, bringing together 55 African Union and 28 EU leaders, which started on November 29 in Abidjan. “Now it is out of necessity,” the diplomat emphasized. Indeed, Europe is hit by migration from the continent and tackling consequences won’t help. The EU needs to address the problem at its roots by addressing Africa’s woes.


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