Way to Go Joe!

Joe Biden is the presumptive Democratic nominee! After entering the race only after testing the waters, then getting off to a slow start and having a few intense debate moments, he has proven to be the last man standing. South Carolina Representative and icon James Clyburn gave Biden support that leads to his comeback after creating some doubt by losing in a few states to Senator Bernie Sanders, as well as, placing behind other democratic hopefuls Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Senator Amy Klobuchar. South Carolina is where he predicted the African American vote would put him back on top where he was supposed to be. In his efforts to regain the soul of America, that Saturday vote reassured his base and others he meant business. Just before the first Super Tuesday vote several candidates bowed out of the race and endorsed Biden. The once crowded field which began with 20 candidates on the debate stage had dwindled to just two left standing.

Senator Bernie Sanders ran a tremendous race in 2016, He was edged out by then-Secretary Hillary Clinton in a down the wire primary contest that many concluded may have been rigged. Senator Sanders had created a movement of supporters with a platform that promised to change the way democrats do business. His once lofty ideals of free healthcare for all and free college tuition had become a serious topic by the 2020 contest. The 2020 Sanders campaign proved to be a memorable eyeopening one with a strong showing. Senator Sanders did manage to win a few contests collecting 914 delegates before conceding to Former Vice President Joe Biden amidst our current national caused by the coronavirus. He exited the race and also threw his support behind Former Vice President Joe Biden on April 8th, stating defeating “the most dangerous president” of our time is most important.

Vice President Joe Biden is now ready to go head to head with President Donald J. Trump. After serving 8 years under former President Barack Obama, he has captured a large support base in the minority community. Speculations are high as the world awaits his selection of a female running mate. Former Vice President Joe Biden now looks towards the Democratic Convention and strategizes for his battle on his quest to the White House.

Video of Supporters of Joe Biden


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