Tiger: I didn’t know I was that bad

Tiger Woods, earlier today, March 21st, gave his first interviews since crashing his car last November near his Orlando home in Isleworth, Florida.

Speaking for no more than five minutes with ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi, the world’s number one golfer declined to answer specific questions related to the car crash, and as well, the depth of his infidelity.  While Woods did not say what he was being treated for, he did say that “I didn’t know that I was that bad.

Woods, who said less than one week ago he would be returning to play in the Masters Golf Tournament early next month, told Rinaldi that he was  “a little nervous” as to how he would be received by his fans.

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  1. Here’s a thought. What this young man did or didn’t do in his private life is no one else’s business unless they are family. Our only business with him is to watch him play golf.


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