The Orlando Ballet… Eloquence Defined

Le Corsaire (Photo credit/Michael Cairns)

What defines eloquence or the beauty of a child’s whisper? True enough, no single concept captures the elusive endearment humanity longs to embrace.  Much in the same manner, mere words only graze the inner truth fueling the passion and eloquence the Orlando Ballet have mastered for the world to share.  In this light, the Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre will home magnificence personified April 23-25 in the form of Le Corsaire.

Le Corsaire, based upon The Corsair (1814) by Lord Byron, received its World Premiere at the Paris Opera, Paris, on January 23, 1856.  In 1899 Marius Petipa completely re-choreographed the work and, on June 19, 1998, received its American Ballet Theatre Company Premiere at the metropolitan Opera House, New York.

As opposed to the original or re-choreographed production, the Orlando Ballet took liberties and developed two distinct acts (two hours in length) of exhilaration.  From gypsies to pirates to flower girls to being lost at sea, this journey touches the marrow of Humanities existence.

Technically advanced, those appreciating art will not be disappointed.  Visually stunning, those attending will experience a level of fulfillment eyes rarely encounter.  Physically demanding, all will testify how the impossible truly is possible.  At evening’s conclusion, dreams will wish upon a star.

Robert Hill- Artistic Director

Choreographer Robert Hill successfully pushes ballet boundaries beyond audience emotion.  The cast delivers insight into a world rarely traveled, defining eloquence while capturing family gravity.  Packed with metaphor and symbols, the audience will be taken to test, all in the name of love.  For every soul bound by love, or desiring to be bound by love, Le Corsaire is the ballet for you.

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  1. Always a great read. Keep it up dhuffman!
    Look forward to going to the ballet and reading more of your articles.


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