Produce Alliance Foundation Delivering Nutritious Produce Boxes to Advent Health

Frontline medical workers at Advent Health Orlando were treated to 200 boxes of fresh quality produce from the Produce Alliance Foundation and local distributor Premier Produce on May 6th. They have been three times to donate produce for local frontline responders. photo credit: Andrew Hoffman (Premier Produce)

The Produce Alliance Foundation and their distributor Premier Produce have already helped donate produce to frontline responders three times in the local area. They have been active in the national effort to keep the important produce supply chain open and running by providing nutritious relief. Recently, they were distributing fresh produce boxes to Advent Health in Orlando.

“Advent Health Orlando, along with other frontline responders, are working excruciating hours during the COVID-19 pandemic and to acknowledge the hard work of the nurses, respiratory therapists, imaging, housekeeping and nutritional services team members who worked on the COVID-19 units will receive a special produce box when they leave their shift,” the Produce Alliance said.

Over the past six weeks, the deliveries from Produce Box Project: Nourish Our Frontlines will have served over 7000 frontline workers and over 131,000 pounds of fresh vegetables and fruit. An added by-product of this effort is keeping the supply working in multiple industries, preventing businesses and farms from shutting down and allowing people to do good during times of crisis. Project Produce Box: Nourish Our Frontlines was made possible through the generous donation of Anonymous donor to honor the memory of Ina Berkley Robinson who are helping to get fresh produce into the hands of people keep the country safe, while keeping the work force of multiple industries employed.

photo credit: Andrew Hoffman (Premier Produce)

This effort is part of a national initiative founded by Produce Alliance’s President Melissa Ackerman to help keep the front line workers nourished and the downline workers at local growers and distributors working.

If you would like to help fund a truckload or an entire institution for the Produce Box Project: Nourish Our Frontline campaign, please contact:


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