OrlandoJobs.com Releases Questionable Report

A recently released survey by OrlandoJobs.com, a local job listing website, finds there are 10,000 jobs open and available in Central Florida. The survey findings also project an additional 10,000 more jobs becoming available by the end of 2011. Despite this rosy scenario however, the survey states, many of the jobs are hidden and never made public, lower paying jobs make up a large portion of open positions, many of which are in the service industry and pay an hourly wage and skilled job openings, that eliminate many job seekers without the requisite education and experience.

A visit to the website of OrlandoJobs.com, showed a meager 712 jobs available or 7 percent, in over 50 categories, with several showing no jobs at all.

OrlandoJobs.com featured listings from Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Brevard, Polk, Volusia and Marion Counties.

“Where are the jobs?”, says Ken Moore unemployed mortgage broker from Orlando’s West Side.  “I’ve been to their website and they always have the same old jobs, never more than 2 here, 21 there.  I see more jobs on Craigslist.”

President of OrlandoJobs.com, Roger Lear said, he believes this good news forecasts an even better outlook for an end to the 11.3 percent unemployment rate in the region.

Nonetheless, the “good news forecasts” which in part is built around growth in jobs from the Orlando to Tampa High Speed Rail, SunRail and the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, may have to be reworked, as implementation of these projects remain very much in doubt.

See OrlandoJobs.com 2011 Employment Outlook for Central Florida Here.


  1. If you read the entire report you will see that even OrlandoJobs.com admits that most of the jobs are hidden jobs that hiring companies are not even advertising anywhere. They also list many companies that are hiring in this report as well that are not on websites like Career Builder, Monster, Craigs List and OrlandoJobs. For job seekers, this report is clear about one important thing-you must change your job search tactics and don’t rely on job boards exclusively. As for rails and all of those projects, who knows what may happen with any of those. What we do know is the projects that did go through like the Amway Center created a lot of jobs before, during and after the construction.


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