Orange County Parks and Recreation Division Puts Surveillance Cameras on Four Trails

Orange County Parks and Recreation Division installed four new surveillance cameras on multi-use pedestrian trails. The West Orange Trail, Pine Hills Trail, Little Econ Greenway and Cady Way Trail each will have a camera placed in a strategic location with a goal of preventing after-hours activity.

The Parks Division worked with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to determine suitable locations on the County’s trails, which close after sunset.

The solar-powered FlashCAM system takes still photos, with voice commands informing the person that the photo has been taken and they should leave the area. Each camera costs $7,000; size is 10” wide x 7 ¾” high x 9 ¼” deep at the base and 11 ¼” deep on the hood. Because the cameras are portable, each can be moved to various areas.

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