Local Officer Honored as 2020 Corrections Officer of Year

The Florida Sheriffs Association honored Orange County Master Corrections Officer Geovanie Hernandez as the 2020 Corrections Officer of the Year. Each year, the award is presented to an officer who has demonstrated exceptional service. This award is sponsored by United Badges Insurance Services.

Officer Hernandez is applauded for his life-saving heroism. This award is no surprise to Officer Hernandez’s colleagues as he is well known for putting the needs of others before his own.

On June 2, 2019, Officer Hernandez’s own apartment building erupted in flames. At the first sign of fire, Officer Hernandez rescued his 4-year-old son from the building, and then returned to the burning building to save the lives of the other residents. Once learning that a man with existing medical issues was trapped inside, Officer Hernandez sprung back into action. He entered the apartment where the fire was located. Unable to see clearly due to the amount of smoke and flames, Officer Hernandez located the trapped gentleman and was able to relocate him to a safe area. While rescuing the victim, Officer Hernandez noticed a fire extinguisher, so once again, Hernandez returned to the building to extinguish the fire to control any further exposure.

Less than a week later, during a firearms qualification activity, a student incurred a serious injury due to an accidental discharge with his firearm causing serious injury. Officer Hernandez and the Orange County Corrections Department range staff were on the scene to render aid. Treating the injury was not enough for Officer Hernandez though. He also escorted the injured officer to the hospital and stood by his side until the family arrived.

“Officer Hernandez is most deserving of this recognition for going above and beyond. He is a true representation of what it means to wear the uniform,” said Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings, who oversees Orange County Government, which runs the Orange County Corrections Department.

“There isn’t anything that Officer Hernandez will let stand in his way to help others,” said Orange County Sheriff John Mina. “His dedication to our community and public safety sets a great example for his peers and the great residents of Orange County.”

The Florida Sheriffs Association Corrections Officer of the Year Award is proudly sponsored by United Badges Insurance Services. Allen Durham, President and CEO of United Badges Insurance Services, said: “Orange County Master Corrections Officer Geovanie Hernandez is a role model and a prime example of what the Florida Sheriffs Association looks for in the Corrections Officer of the Year. Congratulations, Officer Hernandez. We are greatly appreciative of your dedicated work and bravery.”

During the annual winter conference banquet, Officer Hernandez was given a standing ovation from the 500-plus law enforcement attendees and their supporters.

The official award video can be seen here: https://youtu.be/8UFvDWDRupU.


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