Meet the Candidates Forum

Pine Hills Community Council, a non-profit volunteer advocacy and civic group, in association with the Robinswood Improvement Association today announced that it will sponsor a Meet the Candidates Forum Thursday, August 19th at 6:30 p.m. Candidates in the Orange county Commissioner race for Districts 2 and 6, including Bruce Birkrem and Fred Brummer, and Bruce Antone, David Rucker, and Tiffany Moore-Russell and the Orange county School Board Chair race including Homer Hartage, Leona Rachman, and Bill Sublette, will be in attendance.  The forum will take place at the Pine Hills Community Center, located at 6408 N. Jennings St.

As Pine Hills is in the process of rebranding its image, candidates for Orange County Commissioner will need to address specific concerns regarding redevelopment at the intersection of Pine Hills Rd. and Silver Star Rd, beautification of the Pine Hills community, property tax assessment, and code enforcement to gain the attention and support of Pine Hills’ voters.

“A newly-formed Pine Hills Business Redevelopment Task Force recently introduced a new marketing and branding concept that will redefine Pine Hills as a family-friendly, diverse, and economically strong community,” said Kenneth Dwyer, Task Force Member. “As voters, we need to know how each candidate plans to assist us in these efforts.”

Candidates for Orange County School Board Chair will also face concerns focused on redevelopment of the Pine Hills Rd. and Silver Star Rd intersection. However, standardized testing practices, a proposed increase in school property tax assessment, new attendance zones, revised FCAT scoring and the Evans High School corner development will be the top priority for Pine Hills voters.

“Pine Hills is home to eleven public schools, so decisions made by the person in this position effects a large majority of our residents,” said Bertina Busch, President of the Pine Hills Community Council.

The Meet the Candidates Forum is open to the public.


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