Local Pallet Company Increases Production to Support Supply Chains

Pallet Consultants’ Haines City facility

Pallet Consultants Nationwide announced today that its Haines City facility has increased pallet production, expanded its team and is well-positioned to help manufacturers, distributors and supply chains reopen or expand throughput. Throughout the Coronavirus-imposed lockdowns, the Pallet Consultants facility in Haines City that services both the Orlando and Tampa metro areas remained open and active. This time has been used to support essential supply chains, produce spare inventory and prepare for when Central Florida would resume business.

Haines City General Manager Eddie Dyess is excited to have the capabilities and inventory necessary to support the refreshed need for quality pallets throughout Central Florida’s distribution and manufacturing supply chains. “We’ve taken extraordinary efforts to secure materials and supplies, including equipment purchases and hiring new employees to align our capacity with customer demand,” said Dyess. He added that the safety and well-being of his teams have been a priority from the beginning, and is the reason why his inventory and private fleet are in position for resumed economic activity.

All locations in the Pallet Consultants network remained open and productive during state lockdowns for COVID-19 since pallet companies were designated as critical infrastructure by Homeland Security, said company president Brian Groene.

“We have been operating as usual, with the extra precautions, and have remained fully productive,” he said. “During this time we have built extra inventory to be able to service the companies that were closed or running at limited capacity due to the lockdown. We look forward to helping our customers and clients when they are back at full capacity, helping bring our economy back to where it needs to be.”

Both also said that assisting customers through these transitions has been a priority across locations, and that frequent communication has kept facilities and their clients on the same page.

“It is imperative that we give excellent service to our customers in need. We have kept our work force in full to make sure that all customers are taken care of in a timely, efficient and consistent manner – from our friendly and helpful clerical staff, to our production teams and drivers transporting the product,” Groene said. “All overseen by our outstanding management team.”

“We’ve been able to maintain our communication for planning purposes and our customers have been able to voice their needs,” Dyess added. “This has allowed us to keep schedules and be flexible with our services.”

Pallet Consultants is headquartered in Pompano Beach.


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