Local Organization Helps Residents Navigate Citizenship Process

Over the past few years, wait times for U.S. citizenship have doubled, making it difficult for some adults to establish a career to support themselves and their families. Beyond the current coronavirus pandemic, many Central Florida residents waiting to become a citizen are also facing other obstacles like job stability and securing permanent residency.

Vince Scalise, a tutor at Adult Literacy League (ALL) has shared a few tips that are important to remember when navigating the citizenship process (find the list below).

Aside from offering Basic Education courses and English language courses, ALL offers a course centered on citizenship and the application process. The course is available to any adult, regardless of their residency status, and aims to assist individuals in achieving their citizenship status.

  1. Check and double check your eligibility for naturalization. You can do so by visiting the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website.
  2. Make sure your personal information is 100% correct on your N400. Remember that you are responsible for the information, and it must be correct. Use your friends and family as resources!
  3. Understand all the vocabulary on the N400. Use the current processing delay to your advantage and get to studying! You have 100 civic questions to familiarize yourself with, so aim to learn a couple per week.
  4. Be prepared for “small talk” when you arrive, it’s actually part of the English comprehension test. Practicing with native English speakers will prepare you for this portion. Whether it’s over the phone, or at the grocery store, just keep the conversation flowing.
  5. Have a native English speaker read the Civics test questions out loud. If you aren’t being quizzed by a native English speaker, it may be tough to understand the questions once you arrive for the final test. You can find test materials to reference on the USCIS website.

To learn more about how ALL helps Central Florida residents better navigate the citizenship process, gain job acquisition skills and improve their English literacy, click here.


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