Lake County Sheriff Warns Deputies Not to Text and Drive

Sheriff’s deputies in Lake County were warned on Thursday that they are not to text or use any hand-held electronic devices while driving.

Lake County Sheriff Gary Borders issued the warning today prohibiting all employees not to transmit or read text messages, e-mails or access the internet while driving a county-owned vehicle or while driving for Sheriff’s Office business.

According to Sheriff Borders, if a deputy or other employee must use a handheld electronic device, the driver must stop the vehicle in a safe location and then to do.

“There are no exceptions,” Sheriff Borders said.

Sheriff Borders’ new policy comes on the heels of a recent study which showed that drivers’ reaction times behind the wheel when texting and driving, to be slower than drivers tested with an elevated blood alcohol level.

“Distracted driving is a serious threat to anyone on our roadways. Sending a text message or reading an e-mail is not worth losing a life,” Sheriff Borders warned.

A public service announcement aimed at educating drivers on the perils of driving and texting, is set to be released shortly in Lake County.


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