Detzner: Elections Legislation Coming Soon


Secretary of State Ken Detzner
Secretary of State Ken Detzner

Secretary of State Ken Detzner said Monday that he has ideas on how to improve the elections process in Florida, but will wait until consulting with his staff to unveil them.

Detzner just completed a statewide trip to visit with elections supervisors in several counties whose performance during the November elections was panned.

Many of the counties had unique issues, Detzner said, but there were “central themes” that could be addressed through legislation.

“I think we have some ideas that can help the citizens and help the electorate vote a little more easy and convenient,” Detzner said. But the secretary of state said he wanted to meet further with his staff and continue to consult with the state’s supervisors of elections before passing his ideas on to Gov. Rick Scott and legislative leaders.


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