Cops Looking for Victims of “Syncere” Debit Card Scam

Wilson Jackson – person of interest

Police are looking for more people who might have been the subject of a check/debit card fraud scheme.

Cops said, Wilson Jackson, nicknamed “Syncere” and “Da Truooth” befriends single female victims on Facebook.

Jackson gains their trust then convinces them to allow him access to their bank accounts, police said. He then makes unauthorized withdrawals from his victims accounts.

Cops say, Jackson is a person of interest.

If you have been a victim of Jackson, kindly call the Orlando Police Department Fraud Line at: 407-246-4012.


  1. Before I go forth today. I want to mention despite the garbage spewing from his pie hole and his posts, all is not well in Wilson’s world, Wilson’s kingdom, Wilson’s alleged empire Everything has an expiration date. Like all empires they slowing crumble and are destroyed. Folks you may not see or even know exactly what this piece of shit is doing but trust it ain’t good. Again, like all criminals they are quite delusional, narcissistic along with an antisocial personality disorder This will be his undoing. I have provided you with his probation officers contact information. You know how the contact the police. I have provided you with his home of record that he gave to his probation officer. His probation officer is a public servant. You are a citizen and any probation officer works for u. You pay the probation officers salary. The probation officers contact info. is pubic record. WILSON’S BULL SHIT IS PUBLIC RECORD. !! JUST DO IT !!

  2. AlphaMale
    thanks for posting all his probation info I to was a victim of Wilson Jackson who slipped something in my drink and stole my cc info and my address and money! I have made a police report and will now forward it to his probation officer. there is no way everybody is saying the same thing about this loser unless its true! I TOLD U WIL U FUCKED WITH THE WRONG BITCH! AND IM NOT RESTING UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPEN TO U AND YES HE DOES LIVE AT 738 Dunbar I HAVE PICKED HIM UP FROM THERE A FEW TIMES!!! SO MANY OF MY NIGGAS WANT THIS BUMB SO BAD I FEEL SORRY FOR U WHEN THEY CATCH YO BITCH ASS! EMAIL ME I AM A VICTIM ALSO AND WOULD LIKE NOTHING MORE THEN TO SEE THIS NIGGA BEHIND BARS AND IM NOT STOPPING UNTIL THAT HAPPEN! CMATTERS79@YAHOO.COM damn shame stealing money from sick ppl! annnd i snapped a pic of the threats he is making that is def a violation of probation! hahaaaaa i got u lil dick bitch!

  3. I just forward my police report to Minnie Jackson and iu will call her non stop until something is DONE! i will biug her daily !

  4. Wow, all of a sudden the nigger is silent and is not commenting. Looks like you are on to something? Its all about action and not words.

  5. All interested parties should read this. It can apply to Wilson “Datruooth” Jackson.

    Violation of Probation (VOP) in Florida

    A violation of probation proceeding is much different than being charged with a new crime.

    — Richard Hornsby
    A violation of probation proceeding is much different than being charged with a new crime. Because you have already been sentenced to probation, you have less protection than if you were charged with a new crime. Some examples are:

    No statute of limitations; Can’t wait out the VOP,
    No right to a bond while awaiting a hearing,
    No possibility of bond if you fall under Florida’s Anti-Murder Act,
    No right to jury trial in a violation hearing,
    Hearsay is admissible against you,
    You can be forced to testify against yourself, and
    Guilt does not have to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.
    As you can see it is much easier for the State to prove a violation. Nevertheless, there are defenses to a violation of probation and I have successfully defended hundreds of clients accused of violating their probation.

    Probation Violations

    After you are placed on probation, you are advised of the conditions of your probation by the judge or a probation officer. Should you disobey the conditions, you run the risk of having you probation violated.

    There are two types of probation violations you can commit:

    Technical Violation
    Substantive Violation (New-Law Violation)
    Technical Violations of Probation

    A technical violation is any violation of either your general or special conditions of probation.

    Examples of technical violations include:

    Changing your address without permission,
    Failure to pay court costs or fines,
    Missing a probation meeting,
    Being late to a probation meeting,
    Not completing court-ordered classes, etc.
    Substantive Violations of Probation

    Substantive violations of probation occur when you commit a new criminal offense.

    Importantly, even if the new criminal charge is dismissed or beat at trial, a prosecutor can still try to “prove-up” the offense at a VOP hearing. And, unlike a criminal trial, the burden of proof is only a “preponderance of the evidence” and there is no right to a jury.

  6. I am also one of Wills victims. He is now on Instagram as @thuglifenation_datruooth. He owes me $300 he tried to get $1900 out of my account.

  7. You need to contact the detectives for OPD or Orange Co.Sheriffs and make a police report and then the Supervisor for his probation officer. See the previous posts on what to do. I wish I could contact u. Good luck.

  8. Citizen Complaints
    Refers to any formal or informal expression of dissatisfaction concerning any Department staff member, procedure, or requirement. If a citizen has a complaint about a particular offender, it should be brought to the probation officer’s attention to resolve. If the citizen is not satisfied with the response, the complaint will be forwarded to the officer’s supervisor. If the citizen is still not satisfied, the complaint will be forwarded to the Circuit Administrator, then the Regional Director. Each level supervisor should be given the opportunity to resolve the issue before it is forwarded to another party.

  9. He has a new probation officer as well. All the folks that have been harmed or have knowledge of his criminal behavior need to contact her in writing or via email. You need to cc her supervisor as well.

  10. Here is his current probation officer contact info. Note: he changes probation officers frequently to avoid having “the covers pulled off” on his deeds and criminal activities. This is public information as well.

    Stephanie Brandon

    Correctional Probation Officer

    09-6, Orlando Central

    29 Coburn Avenue

    Orlando, Florida 32805

    (407) 245-0747 (office)

    (407) 245-0701 (main)

    (407) 245-0751 (Fax)

  11. Just saw that fool this weekend downtown orlando at the movie theater I guess with the chic dat posta marry his scheming ass

  12. Hey thanks for providing this info. But I need you and others help so that we can nail his ass. I’d like to contact you and have a frank conversation or some other means of communication. I can we accomplish that? Wilson could and probably is reading this blog as well. I have some stuff I’m working on right now concerning him. That’s all I can say at this point.

  13. Good news, there is a warrant for his arrest for Violation of Probation.
    I’ll wait until he is arrested and I’ll give you my contact info. Therefore look on this site every fews days are so for instructions.

    Defendant Active WarrantJACKSON, WILSON

    01/03/2014 Hearing (11:30 AM) (Judicial Officer Underwood, Christi L)
    Motion To Terminate Probation

    12/30/2013 Re-Assigned to Div 27 Per Admin Order 2008-31
    12/30/2013 Violation of Probation Affidavit & Warrant Packet Filed
    12/23/2013 Motion for Early Termination of Probation
    12/23/2013 Notice of Hearing

  14. DC Number: G09171
    Race: BLACK
    Sex: MALE
    Hair Color: BLACK
    Eye Color: BROWN
    Height: 6’01”
    Weight: 182 lbs.
    Birth Date: 03/05/1982
    Supervision Begin Date: 08/22/2012
    Current Location: UNKNOWN
    Current Status: ABSCONDER/FUGITIVE
    Supervision Type: PROBATION FELONY
    Scheduled Termination Date: 08/21/2014

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  16. If he has a warrant he must don’t know or don’t care cause my girl just saw him today at the Florida Mall and called to tell me she saw him. Kandi girl we got word that his girlfriend or fiance know everything but don’t care bout it so that’s a dead end girl to even contact that girl but if we see him again I’mma call da police so they arrest his wanted ass n record it and blast his ass getting arrested

  17. Well I want to make sure she no bet she don’t no he’s cheating on her and I have proof so if she still want to be with u Wilson cause no it’s u pretending to be someone els! And she’s that damn dumb to put up with a nigga like u she crazy ass fuck! Once she see my girl the one u was sleeping with and robbing at the same time she will feel some kinda way cause my girl is a bad ass bitch look way better then that dust bucket u about to marry I no who she is now she has two tone hair and look old AF lmao! But ima send her this proof and we will make sure u in up back in jail where u belong

  18. Gangrelated5:

    Climb back under your rock with that dumb shit. You are the type of mf that makes me wanna turn in my black person membership card. Go get a job. Remove the gold grill. Get an education. Contribute to society. Obviously I must have gotten under Wilson’s skin.. That’s good. Even your dumbass knows about me.

  19. Kandi:

    You need to contact his probation officer. See the previous post that has his probation officer contact info or call the Orange County Sheriff Detectives. His financee can’t be that damn dumb, can she? I facebooked her, no response. I facebooked her friends no response.

  20. To ICUnigga:

    I can’t get into details but he is aware that he has a warrant. I promise you that. He’s scared to go to jail or prison. Maybe Gangrelated5 wants to join him. Go to, Search Wilson Jackson and read the comments. Google search Orange County Florida Clerk of the Court, Look up cases. Type in Jackson Wilson. You’ll see one case that is highlighted with a red “W” beside it. This “W” means that he has a warrant for his arrest. I’ve seen the court documents. Personally, I think he’s in LA. He cannot hide forever. He has fucked over a lot of women. He has a lot of enemies in and out of prison. Justice will be served to Wilson in prison, if ya know what I mean.

  21. To Gangralated5:
    Wilson had a lawyer. But dumbass Wilson still got served up with an arrest warrant. At this point a lawyer can’t do shit. The judge makes the decision. Know ya facts before you open ya fuckin pie hole. Being ignorant like yourself and Wilson is dangerous. Its called Violation of Probation. Go online and read about it. There is no trial dumbass. Thats why the asshole is hiding. Ballgame over. You are supporting the walking dead. Wilson is a fake ass wannabe baller just like you.

  22. Great News!!

    Yeah, Wilson turned himself in at the Orange County Jail

    Orange County Incarcerations
    Name & Personal Information

    Booking Number: 14005018
    Race: Black
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Last Known Location:

    Cell: BRC3C19
    Date Booked: 02/12/2014
    Time Booked: 05:37am
    Number of Holds: None
    Notes: None


    Case Sequence: 830
    Case Status: Presentenced
    #Bond Amount: 0.00
    Police Case Number: n/a
    Court Location: CIRCUIT
    Arresting Agency: Orange County Sheriff Office
    Charge/Court Case Number: Violation Of Probation
    Note: Icjis Affidavit, Original Charge(s): Defraud Inkeeper More Than $300


    Please phone Orange County Inmate Records Management at (407) 836-3400, if you have any questions about the information in these pages.
    24 hour booking list:

  23. Hey Wilson, you must really worry about ya image.. Thats why you look at this site. Honestly, are you still getting married to the dumb bitch?

  24. It’s hilarious that you now feel confident. But ya dumbass was quiet when you were on the run from the po po for 30 days plus.

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  26. Just heard he’s in jail in Cali. Either he tried to go on cruise with his dumb fiancée or went on a cruise and got busted In the process. They are gonna ship his ass back to florida. I just heard this from more than a reliable source. I notified his bondsmen as well

  27. Wilson is so bold and stupid. He had a hearing on 19 and 20 Mar for Violation of Probation for the same thing, leaving the area. But this time he left the country. The authorities prolly check his passport and that red flagged his dumbass. His girlfriend is as stupid as he is.

  28. Wish ur source was really reliable dumb gay ass nigga… poor lil tink tink… Richard W Campbell. .. stop believing everything u hear faggot… lmao… find a pic mug shot of me in jail in California cuz I know u been looking. ..but guess what…it don’t exist …. News update with true information gay ass nigga

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    03/20/2014 Violation of Probation (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Adams, Gail A)
    plea status
    03/19/2014 Arraignment (8:30 AM) (Judicial Officer Komanski, Walter)
    03/07/2014 Violation of Probation Affidavit & Warrant Packet Filed

  33. Is this real? Just searched this man bc he recently tried to get at me on instagram. Fiance? Lmao. She dumb bc she don’t know what her man is doing. Niggas

  34. @Tnice stop flexing.. bitch I don’t talk to nan bitch on Instagram. ..come better wit ya lie n fuck shyt…All my pics.r of my fiance n you talking about do I have a fiancé wit a ? mark…. lol…tricks r for kids dumb ass… n yea I have a Fiancé who I don’t fuck off about

  35. Tnice:
    His dumb fiancee is the perfect example of being book smart but having no common sense at all. She must be desperate. The nigga hasn’t worked in years. She can’t be that dumb and not know what he’s up to. BTW he has 5 kids by 4 women and takes care of none of them. WOW what a great father, lol!! He’s a wannabe rapper. He claims he is a Grand Hustle Entertainment artist. That’s BS. Grand Hustle Entertainment does have an artist with a similar name though. So slick Willie takes advantage of that. He constantly checks this blog because he is concerned about his BS image. Which is all smoke and mirrors. He was on but he deleted or changed it. Damn, she is one dumb bitch! The dummy is on facebook. But I suspect he controls her ass. prolly can’t even go to the bathroom without his permission. Criminals do what they do. Thats being a criminal.

  36. By the way his has a warrant for his arrest in Orange County for Violation of Probation (VOP). I checked the court records today at the court house. His reply will be, it’s all a lie, don’t believe what you see or read. Everything is all good. I’m just doing great and so on……lmao!! He’ll be taken the midnite train back to florida anyway.

  37. Tnice:
    Be glad, very glad you didn’t meet with da nigga. He has a habit of drugging women and stealing their personal and credit card information and using it. It’s all over the internet if you do ya research.
    Again, Orange County Sheriff’s are looking for him for violating his probation twice. The dumbass was bold enough to go on a cruise prolly from Long Beach, Ca. to Mexico while still on probation. The border patrol found out he was a wanted man and locked him up. Unfortunately, he was released by mistake. I suspect he’s still in Cali with the dumbest bitch in the world. His girl can be arrested and charged with a felony for harboring a felon at this point. I wonder if Traveling Nurses should be informed of this? Ummm???

  38. David KaloyanidesPRO
    Criminal Defense Attorney – Chino, CA
    Contributor Level 12

    EmailVisit website
    Lawyers agree
    Answered 2 years ago. If you assist anyone in avoiding detection by law enforcement or escape from arrest or prosecution, you are an accessory under California Penal Code Section 32. However, your purpose must be to assist in the evasion. As you know that your boyfriend has been charged and intends to flee, even if you permit him to stay with you could expose you to criminal prosecution.


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