Cops Looking for Victims of “Syncere” Debit Card Scam

Wilson Jackson – person of interest

Police are looking for more people who might have been the subject of a check/debit card fraud scheme.

Cops said, Wilson Jackson, nicknamed “Syncere” and “Da Truooth” befriends single female victims on Facebook.

Jackson gains their trust then convinces them to allow him access to their bank accounts, police said. He then makes unauthorized withdrawals from his victims accounts.

Cops say, Jackson is a person of interest.

If you have been a victim of Jackson, kindly call the Orlando Police Department Fraud Line at: 407-246-4012.


  1. Slick Willie (Wilson)

    Sorry dogg. I dropped a dime on you today. Guess who received a call from me? Lmao!! Now u ain’t talking. Guess u hiding out. Lmao!!

  2. Updated info on Slick Willie (Wilson)

    03/28/2014 Amended Affidavit Violation of Probation
    03/20/2014 Violation of Probation (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Adams, Gail A)
    plea status
    03/20/2014 Court Minutes
    03/19/2014 Arraignment (8:30 AM) (Judicial Officer Komanski, Walter)
    03/19/2014 Court Minutes
    03/07/2014 Violation of Probation Affidavit & Warrant Packet Filed

  3. Richanda W. CAMPBELL U Def da dumbest nigga I know… I stay laughing at u…I got lawyers why should I ever worry bout anything u try to do… dropped a dime…u better pick it up cuz u gon need it…. kill ya self with the 5 kids n 4 baby mother … ight coyote keep me updated …lmao. ..

  4. Slick Willie:

    I feel sorry for the dummy that bailed you out.. Actually I don’t feel sorry. They should have known better.
    Slick Willie, do you mind if I post all your Orange county Florida cases?

  5. Slick Willie: This was on a blog about you. I passed the comments on to your PO. lMAO!!

    Thank you for this info. He was trying to scam me. but i didn’t feel right so i googled him and came across this add. thank you so much for the info. sorry this happened to you

  6. 4/1/2014

    This e-mail is to inform you that WILSON JACKSON has had a change in supervision status. This offender has absconded from supervision; the offender’s current whereabouts is unknown. A warrant has been issued for the offender’s arrest for violation of supervision. If you have any concerns about your immediate safety, contact your local law enforcement agency, or if you have an emergency, call 911.

    For more information, you can contact the supervising officer during regular business hours. The telephone number is (386)947-3523.

    This notification is sponsored by the Florida VINE Service. It is our hope that this information has been helpful to you.

    Thank you,

    The Florida Statewide Vine Service

    Sent from my iPhone

  7. Good news!!

    Booking No.: 3913242 Last Name: JACKSON First Name: WILSON Middle Name: EDWARD

    Sex: M Race: B Date Of Birth: 03/05/1982 Age: 32 Hair: BLK Eyes: BRO Height: 600 Weight: 190

    Charge Level: F (Felony)

    Arrest Date: 04/02/2014 Arrest Time: 1020 Arrest Agency: 4233 Agency Description: LAPD-DET SUPP DIVISION

    Date Booked: 04/02/2014 Time Booked: 1121 Booking Location: 4279 Location Description: LAPD – VALLEY JAIL (VAN NUYS)

    Total Bail Amount: NO BAIL Total Hold Bail Amount: 0.00 Grand Total: NO BAIL

    Housing Location: IRC

    Permanent Housing Assigned Date: 04/05/2014 Assigned Time: 2347 Visitor Status: N


    Public Visiting Guidelines

    For County facility visiting hours, Please call (213) 473-6080 at Inmate Information Center.

    Next Court Code: Next Court Date: Next Court Time: 0000 Next Court Case:

    Court Name:
    Court Address: Court City:

    No Information On Release Date.

    Case No. Court Name Court Address Court City Bail Amt. Fine Amt. Court Date Sent. Date Sent. Day(s) Disp Code
    9999999999 NO BAIL .00 0
    Click on specific Case No. for detailed information.

  8. I’m told Slick Willie (Wilson) after being arrested in LA is being transported back to Orlando. That will be a miserable trip back for him, but who cares. Hopefully this time he won’t be released. Only time will tell.

  9. Thugnificent/Slick Willie/Datruooth/Syncere/Wilson Jackson;
    Is back in the Orange County Florida Jail after his long ride from LA. His arraignment is on 29Apr.

    Video Visitation Center
    Daily Booking List
    Orange County Incarcerations
    Name & Personal Information


    Booking Number: 14013332
    Race: Black
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Last Known Location: N Hollywood, Fl
    Cell: BRC3BE04
    Date Booked: 04/21/2014
    Time Booked: 11:19pm
    Notes: None

    Case Sequence: 633
    Case Status: Presentenced
    #Bond Amount: 0.00
    Police Case Number: n/a
    Court Location: CIRCUIT
    Arresting Agency: Orange County Sheriff Office
    Charge/Court Case Number: Violation Of Probation
    Note: Icjis Affidavit, Original Charge(s): Defraud Inkeep

  10. So happy he is finally in jail where he belong!! I told him Karma will get his ass’! Stole money from me now ur paying for it! Lmbo ! And his girlfriend dumb ass hell with a boy who rob women and constantly cheats on her! Maybe she is in on it to! But anyway enjoy your hard time in jail! I no it’s HELL! Lmao

  11. If you didn’t get any satisfaction I suggest you call the state attorney’s office/prosecuters office. Also maybe you should file a complain about the law enforcement agency in question. Its worth a try

  12. Wilson will be released from the Orange County Florida Jail on or about 28September 2014. I’ll be moving to Los Angeles where he belongs with his dumbass wife that he just married.

  13. He just scammed me ! he is in LA and i searched his name and his photos came up with all this info. what should i do ?

  14. You need to file a police report with the Wilshire Police Division the phone # is 213 473 0476. Call them they will help you

  15. Wow he’s still doing this. I met him back in 2007 in Orlando and he was doing thus to women. I mean don’t you get tired of running from the law…

  16. I don’t think this guy is scamming you females. You probably getting played thinking that he likes you and he you women lend him money and when he doesn’t pay you back you females claim scam! Just stop being thirsty , and giving men yall money thinking that will make them want to be with you alll… I read this article in 2011 & this dude never went to jail or was arrested for any of these accusations. Tell ME This Has He TAKEN You WOMEN O’Neal dates? Has anyone of you been to his home? Or even laid up with this guy? From reading all this he is married. You all need to learn from this and take your loss… I see female on here saying he been doing this since 2007… how do you know? Did he take money from you? Did you like him and he didn’t want you? Or you just going off what you heard he was doing?!… it’s funny but sad at the same time. This other female Lin says that he was supposed to go pay something for her, that doesn’t sound like scam that sounds like you gave him money but whatever you thought he was going to do with the money he didn’t so he didn’t scam you. You ladies just stop giving these men yall money period

  17. You women need to really get it together. I read this article back in 2011 and this guy who ever he is can’t be honestly scamming you women. It’s my opinion that you women are lending/ loaning this guy money. It’s obvious he has never been charged with these accusations and by reading these comments one female said he was supposed to pay something for her, that don’t sound like a scam. Did you give him money and expect him to pay something & he didn’t? Another one said she has known him to been doing this since 2007 , did he scam u because u didn’t say he did by reading your comment looks like your going off hear say vs your own personal experience. Stop giving these men money expecting them to like you more . I bet he never taken you women on a date or done anything with you nor for you but yall giving or loaning him money cause you want him to like you all… smh… that just thrist to me… this should be a learning lessons. It’s definitely lame of him to use yall but stop screaming scam because it you women who are giving this man / men money…

  18. Booking No.: 4471052       Last Name: JACKSON       First Name: WILSON       Middle Name: EDWARD 

    Sex: M       Race: B       Date Of Birth: 03/05/1982       Age: 33       Hair: BLK       Eyes: BRO       Height: 600       Weight: 190 

    Charge Level: F   (Felony)

    ARRESTArrest Date: 10/13/2015       Arrest Time: 0930       Arrest Agency: 4234       Agency Description: LAPD-BUNCO/FORGERY 

    Date Booked: 10/13/2015       Time Booked: 1110       Booking Location: 4279       Location Description: LAPD – VALLEY JAIL (VAN NUYS)

    BAILTotal Bail Amount: 30,000.00       Total Hold Bail Amount: 0.00       Grand Total: 30,000.00

    HOUSING LOCATIONHousing Location: – 

    Permanent Housing Assigned Date: 10/13/2015       Assigned Time: 1110       Visitor Status: N 

    Address:       City: 

    Public Visiting Guidelines       

    For County facility visiting hours, Please call (213) 473-6080 at Inmate Information Center.

    COURTNext Court Code:       Next Court Date:       Next Court Time: 0000       Next Court Case: 

    Court Name: 
    Court Address:       Court City:

    RELEASEActual Release Date: 10/15/2015       Release Time: 1159      

    CASE INFORMATIONCase No.Court NameCourt AddressCourt CityBail Amt.Fine Amt.Court DateSent. DateSent. Day(s)Disp CodeGA********   30,000.00 .00   0  Click on specific Case No. for detailed information.

  19. He will use the Lord and quote Bible Scriptures like it’s nothing. Pretending that he’s looking for his God-fearing virtuous wife. He is smooth. He will dine you and make you feel like he’s just that into you. The LIES he tells! He’s definitely a sociopath and utterly narcissistic. There’s a special place for heartless people like him and it’s far away from God!

  20. Run far away from him. Heartless people will get no where. I heard he is married and stays in studio city. Wonder if his wife knows. Who wants to be married to that anyway. He has 5 kids too!!! Alot of baggage there. The lies he tell.

  21. I am searching for victims in the Los Angeles area – already have two and I am sure there are more. Please contact me – Detective Krajchir – LAPD, Valley Financial Section – 818/374-9420.

  22. Not saying he took anything from me but i heard when he was here in florida this is what he did.. why are women still giving him money anyways. Its obvious he isnt stealing it but gosh are women that desprate for a Man they give there money away. Or do yall females get upset when he dont want what you possiably want then claim he stole.. stop giving ya damn money to these men point blank period

  23. LOL…….I know him, he’s a cool dude. I believe all who’ve claim to get scammed from him are weak and stupid. You should know better, a man don’t ask you for money. He GIVES you money! If you gave him money shame on you

  24. @Compton No idk if he is in didn’t state that I’m just saying what his Instagram name is

  25. He tried and it was a weak try at that. SMH just pathetic. Ladies be smart he’s dumb AF so I don’t know how you can be tricked by him. I’m in the LA area so he’s moved to the West coast. This is Nov 2017.

  26. He’s still in Cali and got caught trying to use my debit card on Nov 30, 2017 $624.50. Ladies please be careful out there. He’ll tell you a bunch of sweet bs and rob you blind.

  27. @Compton he’s in the right place for that. He’ll get caught for sure out here…..smh! He just don’t know that the walls are closin in on him

  28. Monique you need to tell the truth i was with blood when u was being scandalous n he caught on to you blood used my phone to call you the next day to call you to see what da bizness was n blood told you he knew what you did n you hung up on blood.. stop lying on blood like he tried to scam you …

  29. If still looking for this man Wilson Jackson he was not not in jail September 2017 was working for a company at 6621 Van Nuys Blvd in the city of Van Nuys state of California. Company name New Energy Marketing and Consulting, INC. He was there a couple of months couldn’t do the job so they canned him. Yes he still up to his same tricks got at least one of his co-workers. And he has a new profile on its ALLIDESIREISU….It should be ALL I DESIRE IS UR MONEY….HOPE THIS HELPS


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