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As Congress drags their feet and both sides refuse to get anything done on the issues that matter, the youth are stepping up to demand change. A new coalition of Young Democrats is calling for changes to the DNC Party Platform and recommending adoption of new policies to address...
The message from Florida Democratic House members was unified and loud regarding DACA.
David Ayala, husband of current State Attorney Aramis Ayala, made an endorsement in the contested election to succeed his wife.
Clearly David Ayala's endorsement post and attack on Williams hit a nerve. Here is Williams' full response:
Is this the spotlight rising Democratic Party star Val Demings really wanted?
Here are the local delegates going to Milwaukee, including one big name for Sanders
Despite the lack of local Democratic resistance, there was a message from state party leadership.
So here's a look at some of President Barack Obama's portraits
“I am eager to continue our work on behalf of District 4,” Gould said.