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Dwight Howard scanned the crowd of smiling faces – both from teenage women and babies – and suddenly all of his frustration from the Orlando Magic’s recent woes was washed away.  After all, Howard said, helping people in need is one of the most important...
Dwight Howard's 36 points and 13 rebounds led the visiting Orlando Magic to a 92-88 win over the Toronto Raptors Monday night.
Enough of the pillow talk, the threats, the meaningless comparisons, and the pre-game media hype… it’s time to play.
A white male suspect, armed with a handgun, held up two employees at the Tourist Information Center at 8000 International Drive, on Thursday, Orange County deputies said.
As T.I. heads back to prison to serve an 11 months sentence for violating probation after being caught with drugs during a traffic stop in L.A. last month, the superstar MC got some words of encouragement from Atlanta stars.
After nearly three terms Mayor Dyer has turned Orlando into one of America's most crime ridden cities, according to a new report.
A man was shot and killed while riding his bicycle early on Wednesday morning, Orange County deputies say.
Neither team seemed to question fate as the outcome of this game really didn’t matter. The Clippers will be in the playoffs. The Magic will not.
Dwight Howard scored 24 points and grabbed 25 rebounds for the Orlando Magic in an exciting overtime loss to the San Antonio Spurs. Make no mistake, the game was very exciting; however, it was also an ugly game of basketball for both teams.