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On Thursday, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer sent to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa a wager on the NBA finals. Among other things, the Mayor's deal proposed that, with a Magic win, one year's supply of Staples products from the home of the Lakers, the Staples Center, could be put to good use by the City of Orlando.

NBA Finals Preview

After leaving narcissus staring into his own reflection – er – beating Lebron and some other guys – er – defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Orlando Magic have advanced to the NBA Finals. Speaking of the Biggest Losers, Shaquille O’Neal is in for an unfortunate result. Waiting for the Magic are Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers.
Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer invites Central Florida residents to join him in cheering on our Eastern Conference Champions. At noon on Thursday, June 4, Mayor Dyer will host a pep rally at City Hall in Downtown Orlando.
The Orlando Magic have expanded their retail operations due to increased demand and opened a one-stop shop for fans at Amway Arena, the Magic announced Tuesday.
The Orlando Magic will host 19 sessions of youth basketball camps, designed for boys and girls of all skill levels ages 7-16, all across Central Florida this summer.
Saturday night Dwight Howard took over game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals scoring 40 points and snagging 14 rebounds as the Magic defeated the Cavs to advance to the NBA Finals.
The Orlando Magic have opened a one-stop shop for fans at the team’s Official Playoff Headquarters in the Altamonte Mall, the Magic announced Friday.
It’s frustrating to be an Orlando Magic fan today. It’s difficult because last night the country watched Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers tell the world they are not going down without a fight as they built a 22-point lead in the first quarter.
I am a witness. Although I may carry a philosophical disagreement with Nike’s efforts to contribute further to Lebron James’ messianic complex, (See billboards with James stretching his arms wide, as if he were on a cross, under the words “We are all witnesses”) I have to admit that on Friday night I was a witness to something supernatural.