Orlando & Orange County

Election season seems long gone and the holidays are over, but both local Democratic and Republican parties enter the New Year with their political committees in debt.
Lockheed Martin recently recognized 9th, 10th and 11th grade Biology students from Orange County high schools, winners of “Re-Use Engineering Design Challenge.”
Businessman Derrick Wallace, candidate in the race for Orange County Commission, District 6, thrilled about 250 children with Christmas toy giveaways at three area schools, earlier this week.
Four out of the ten largest employers in Orange County are a government entity, a new report released by Tax Watch, a non-profit research institute and government watchdog revealed Tuesday.
The Navy's National Center for Simulation in Orlando got a boost of $350,000, part of a $2.6 million dollar package under the Florida Defense Support Task Force grants, doled out by Gov. Rick Scott on Monday.
School Board District 7 Candidate Michael Kimbrough received 21% of the vote in the Republican Candidate Hob Nob this week, coming in third with Christine Moore Curtis recieving 65%, and Bert Carrier coming in 2nd with 30%.   Chief John Tegg received 85.8% of the vote in the straw poll conducted...
On Thursday, Marine Corps Veteran, Fortune 100 business executive, and civic leader Allie Braswell announced he will run as the Democratic candidate for Chief Financial Officer of Florida.
Olympic gold was in town today. Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs gave Gabrielle Douglas the key to Orange County in a ceremony Thursday evening. Gabby Douglas, a 16-year-old Olympic gold medalist from Virginia Beach, Va., is a role model to millions of girls after becoming the first African-American to win the...
There is something wrong with a judicial system when an individual acknowledges that they have stolen and defrauded companies, banks and friends out of $50 billion, and they are not in jail.