Women chased by Tot Mom’s parents, George and Cindy Anthony


Two St. Cloud women said they were chased by George and Cindy Anthony, Tot Mom’s parents, after they caught Cindy removing a cross from a makeshift Caylee memorial site. The women have filed a complaint with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, and the incident is being investigated.

Tot Mom in Court for Video Hearing


Tot Mom, Casey Anthony is in court Thursday, to listen to her lawyers present arguments before Judge Stan Strickland, to block the release of a jail video of her reaction upon learning that her daughter’s, Caylee, remains had been discovered.

Padilla says that George Anthony is Lying


California bounty hunter Leonard Padilla says that Lee Anthony told him a story that is quite different from what George Anthony has said about when he last saw his granddaughter, Caylee alive.

Tot Mom Ex-death Penalty Attorney releases statement


Tot Mom, Casey Anthony’s former death penalty attorney, Terence Lenamon released a statement Thursday that seems to be somewhat of a thinly-veiled criticism of Tot Mom’s current defense team. In his statement, Lenamon states that Florida law and the American Bar Association Guidelines require conflict free investigation, evaluation, and preparation.

Casey Anthony: George, Cindy are public relations disasters


The media interaction of George and Cindy Anthony, parents of Tot Mom Casey Anthony, who is charged with murdering her own daughter, Caylee, has been disastrous. According to Ron Sachs, George and Cindy have done just about everything wrong in public-relations terms. His Ron Sachs Communications in Tallahassee deals in crisis management. Many observers believe that, it is a safe bet the grandparents will flunk again on Larry King CNN show on Wednesday night.

Tot Mom’s attorney wants trial outside of Orlando


Casey Anthony defense attorney, Jose Baez, will file a motion Monday for a Change of Venue for her trial. The Tot Mom, is charged with first degree murder in the death of her two-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony. Her defense team, led by Baez believes that Tot Mom cannot get a fair trial in Orlando on account of the significant media coverage of the case.

Tot Mom’s parents: we love our daughter, we stand behind her


George and Cindy Anthony’s granddaughter, 2-year-old Caylee is dead and their daughter, Tot Mom, Casey Anthony is charged with first degree murder and faces the death penalty. The grandparents in an interview Wednesday have said that they support their daughter, Casey.