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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (August 7, 2009) – Summer is winding down, temperatures are dropping and the leaves are changing colors. This fall, get out and experience all that Florida has to offer. The new season brings exciting events and exhibits, as well as new openings and renovations. Check out www.VISITFLORIDA.com...
Summer nights at Walt Disney World Resort will enchant theme park guests when glittering light magic, high adventure, dance fever, thrills and chills set the after-dark scene. From June 6 through Aug. 14, “Summer Nightastic!” lights up the entertainment experience at the Vacation Kingdom with a megawatt parade, a...
Since the early 1980s, a larger and larger share of total income has gone to the top (the richest 1 percent of Americans got 10 percent of total income in 1980, and get over 20 percent now). That’s left the vast middle class with insufficient purchasing power to boost the economy – without going deep into debt.
Prices for homes in the under-$300,000 range were up 12 percent in 2015
The recent trend in Black gun ownership has not emerged without debate.
Orlando ranks dead last for pay amongst America's 50 biggest cities
Wawa’s Florida Wawa Day Celebration will be held during the grand opening of the newest store in Orlando located at 6500 W. Sand Lake Rd. store.

Going, Going…..

"Many observers," including "outside lenders and our vendor community" aren't convinced that Sears can survive the "Retail Apocalypse."
Wawa Inc. today announced their official entrance into the Central Florida market, with the ground breaking celebration of their first store in the state of Florida!