Zoo “Zoo” is another great read by these two authors.  Something has happened around the world.  Many different types of animals are attacking humans.  Jackson Oz, a biologist considered a crackpot, has a theory that many do not believe. He has to convince the world that his hypothesis is coming true and that they must […]

Sue’s Seduction


  Sue’s Seduction” reminded me of several themes in “Star Trek.” From “Star Trek The Next Generation” episode “Too Short A Season” where Admiral Mark Jameson takes a potion that reverses the aging process and from original “Star Trek Mud’s Women,” where women take a pill that makes them beautiful.  “Sue’s Seduction” incorporates both of […]

Mightier Than The Sword


Put down whatever you are reading and pick up “Mightier Than The Sword,” the fifth installment of The Clifton Chronicles.

Ol’ Man On A Mountain


Stuart Omans who retired from teaching classes of Shakespeare at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, now writes about how he and his wife found a piece of property in North Carolina to retreat to from the Orlando area.

Paris Match


Stone Barrington finds there is a hit contract on him when he goes to Paris in “Paris Match.”

Here By The Bloods


“Here By The Bloods” opens with a bank robbery that leaves the town of Caliche Bend, New Mexico without a sheriff. Harlan Two Trees who was like a son to the murdered sheriff sets off to bring the killers to justice.

Reflecting On Domestic Violence


“Reflecting on Domestic Violence” is a book that addresses the issue with solid information to women and men from why it happens, to victims becoming survivors.



The Michael Bennett family is now out of hiding and Michael Bennett is back at work with the NYPD. This time there are several complicated plot lines that take the reader along for a great page turning read to the very end. Patterson and Ledwidge have always told great stories in the Bennett thrillers and “Burn” is a welcome addition to the series.