Barrio Claims “First Big Victory” in House Race

barriomercadoAfter yesterday’s Young Democrats of Orange County Primary Debate, Alex Barrio is claiming the “first big victory” in his race against Amy Mercado. Barrio announced to supporters he won the straw poll following his debate against Mercado.

“Unlike our opponent, we gave specific, detailed answers to policy questions all legislators must face when elected to office,” Barrio said. “That is why we won this debate. As your state legislator, I will continue to be a transparent, knowledgeable, and progressive leader for all Floridians.”

Barrio and Mercado are running for Florida House in District 48. It is shaping out to be a competitive primary.

“Whether as a legislative analyst or SEIU representative, I have spent my entire career focusing on the issues that matter to everyday citizens,” Barrio said. “At the debate, we spoke out against manipulative public-private partnerships scamming taxpayers, called for fully funding our public schools, and made clear that fracking has no place in a state like Florida.”

Barrio was recently featured in the West Orlando News’ Profiles in Progressivism series. Mercado served briefly as Orange County Democratic Party Chair several years ago. For the last ten years she has worked at the National Mango Board, and for the last six years she has been the board’s Director of Operations.


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