“Gooder and Gooder!”

Deborah Conerly (l) & Andrea Giggetts (r)

Like a thief in the night, April was the month that my sister was tragically killed in an arson fire. For 16 treacherous Aprils, I had fervently tried to have amnesia that entire month, but only in vain and to no damn avail.

“March Madness!”


Sent my red-bloodied and hormonal teenage daughter to her first NCAA basketball game—-of course with her 6’5 dad in tow!

“Begging Mules!”


White benefactors ensured the continuance of our paltry education by donating ragged-azz out-of-date textbooks to the black schools.

“Too Long!”


As a wordsmith, I fixate on words! So, in the midst of another mom’s day when I felt like I was in the midst of Grand Central Station orchestrating another overwhelming avalanche of must do, have to, should do, and will do activities while being incessantly reminded of my steadily growing list of can’t do, […]