Alan Grayson, The Multi-Millionaire Using Gun Issue To Beg For Money

So Alan Grayson, has a net worth of $26 million. Actually, he’s worth $26,180,000.

Not bad.  He’s actually in the top 5% of the wealthiest in Congress. Thats a far cry from Rep. Alcee Hasting’s, a fellow Floridian democrat who has a net worth of $-7,348,999, as in minus, making him amongst the poorest in Congress.

If Mr. Grayson, the 17th wealthiest of Congressmen, is worth so much money, why then is begging and groveling for $3.00 from you and me?

It appears that Mr. Grayson must get his hands on your money to protect himself from attacks on social media.

Turns out he has enemies in the NRA who are “foaming at the mouth” to attack little ol’ him.

Pathetic.  You want hard working, under paid Floridians to send you money because someone criticized you on Twitter?

You’re a petty little narcissist Allan.

Here’s Why:

If you really cared about the people in Florida you wouldn’t be asking for $3.00 or any thing else, because you’d know that more than half of all students in our public schools are poor enough to qualify for school lunch subsidies

Millions are using food banks each year, and lines start forming at some U.S. food banks as early as 6:30 in the morning because people want to get something before the food supplies run out.

According to a Census Bureau report that was released a while back, 65 percent of all children in the U.S. are living in a home that receives some form of aid from the federal government.

40.9 percent of all children in the United States that are being raised by a single parent are living in poverty.

For each of the past six years, (since Grayson has been in office) more businesses have closed in the United States than have opened.  Prior to 2008, this had never happened before in all of U.S. history.

Mr. Grayson’s Shameless Email appeal, begging for $3.00

You knew it was bound to happen. The minute I came out in favor of President Obama’s executive action to close the gun show loophole, the rapid dogs at the National Rifle Association were foaming at the mouth to attack me.

And they did immediately, via Twitter – unleashing a vicious pack of other Twitter-following rabid dogs.

This is just the beginning. The gun lobby has come after me in past campaigns, and they’re going to do everything they can to keep me out of the Senate. Give $3 to help us fight back:



And it’s not just the greedy troglodytes at the NRA — the same people Pope Francis said were making “money that is drenched in blood” — attacking me. It’s their lunatic followers (I’ve attached some of the worst ones below.) One racist, anti-semitic comment after another. Apparently these freedom fighters think I am trying to create some Jewish World Order by taking all their guns away. Seriously? What are these people on? The only thing I care about here is that it will be much more difficult for felons, drug addicts, and the criminally insane to buy weapons that kill people. That’s it. Period.

I’ll say it again, what’s the downside? What’s the NRA so mad about? That we might actually save some lives? These clowns at the NRA are on the wrong side of history, but so many of my colleagues in Congress are petrified that they might come after them. You know what? I welcome their hatred. I welcome their attacks.

You want to come after me for trying to save lives from the guns you peddle?

Come at me, bro.

Because I know something they don’t know. I know that The People are standing with me in this fight and in the end, we’ll win and the NRA will be a footnote in history. Help me make that happen.

Make a contribution of $3 or more right now to fight back against the NRA’s attacks >>


Rep. Alan Grayson


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