4 Thugs Busted For Robbery and Carjacking


Sector 4 deputies responded to a strong arm robbery and a stolen vehicle at Lake Atriums Circle.

The victim (A/F 46) arrived and parked at the location, locked her vehicle and was walking to her residence when she was approached by suspects (4x B/Ms) who demanded the victim’s purse.

Suspects punched victim in the face and snatched her purse including her wallet and car keys. The suspects then fled the scene with the victim’s vehicle, a 2006 gray Kia Sportage. Orlando Police officers spotted the vehicle near Bethune Drive, shortly after the incident occurred. The suspects were inside when OPD pulled over the stolen vehicle.

Under arrest for Felony Carjacking:

  • Rolph Souffrant (DOB 9/15/02 B/M)
  • Rasheen Middleton (4/28/05 B/M)
  • Norkee Jefferson (4/24/03 B/M)
  • Stephan Powell (4/28/04 B/M


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