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It is clear: The Florida government has missed many deadlines already and is now failing to issue the minimum amount of MMTC licenses required by law, making the patient registration process cumbersome, and slowing the process to allow for additional cannabis products.

They also still haven’t created standards for edibles, testing, tracking, contaminants, dosage and more as required by law.

We worked hard in conjunction with Florida voters back in 2016 to make medical marijuana the law of the land. Now, with 63,000 registered patients in Florida, we are going to fight to make sure their rights are upheld.

What these politicians and state regulators are doing is unconstitutional and disgusting. We cannot allow these lawmakers to drag their feet any longer. We must hold them accountable.

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The will of Florida voters is being intentionally subverted by a handful of state legislators who are vehemently opposed to giving access to medical marijuana. Patients facing debilitating illnesses are desperately in need of relief.

There is a lot to be thankful for, but lots of work still needs to be done. Can you please help us in this effort?

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– Florida for Care


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